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Poverty in Africa and solutions

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Africa is facing a harsh reality that is exacerbated by climate change, poverty and conflict. Data shows that one in every two people on the continent lives in extreme poverty.
Millions of perfectly good,nutritious tomatoes rotting in the hot Nigerian sun while 13million Nigerians suffer from hunger & more than one million children suffer from malnutrition,the country wastes more than 50 percent of its annual tomato harvest
Simply raising agricultural productivity is not enough. If we want to achieve food security we must ensure that we look after the vital ecosystems that allow us to produce our food. More research should be conducted to find innovative solutions to these challenges.
We must focus our efforts on improving every part of the food chain. We will have to improve our transport links and storage facilities so that we don't waste so much food after it is harvested.
Growing the Private Sector business and industry will create more jobs and greatly reduce the growing unemployment levels, which will reduce poverty.
The environment in Africa is also challenging from land erosion to desserts. Droughts, deforestation and water shortages has increased poverty by decreasing people’s income and effecting the agricultural opportunities also.
Lack of proper infrastructure also contributes a lot to poverty since it creates havoc for working or business class to commute. This also contributes to making a common man’s life more miserable. Even clean potable water is very rare to be found in Africa.
Africa has often fallen prey to internal conflict,the long standing civil war & the conflict within the countries has left Africa full of refugees & the wars have completely shut down the government services within those area which is a huge setback for any government to operate efficiently.
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