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Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer!
Having always had a keen interest in promotional activities, advertising and marketing – this job seemed like the perfect fit. Coupled with my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications, I can quite honestly say that this is exactly what I had in mind as the goal when I pursued my studies. Some of the key components of my job include owning, developing and delivering an affiliate sales strategy both locally and across the globe to drive revenue growth and meet business targets. I am also responsible for seasonal and campaign planning, partner outreach, market positioning and branding across all affiliates. I like to believe I am a people’s person and very sociable so what I enjoy the most about my job is managing the relationship with key affiliates, maximising their promotion and marketing on and off their platforms.
Professional Poo Diver
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Sewage is constantly flowing beneath our major cities, our every flush adding to the sea of sewage beneath our feet that we try not to think about very often.
Can you believe that this is actually a real profession?
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Hahahahahahaha! Where’s the gender equality and diversity here? Not one female up to her waist in poop?
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Wow. Attitude is everything."Smells like money". No amount of money could get me to do what these guys do. This has to be the crappiest job.
You'd think there would be a system in place that didn't require someone to dive in the"poo pondage" by 2018 right?? Am i the only one thinking this?
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Okay, so clearly there's one job worse than the one I used to do. Still, I'd probably have still enjoyed it more.
Some of the happiest people in the world have jobs like this I'm kind of jealous I don't have a job i love .....Maybe one day
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Lol!!! Interesting how much he get paid for this job? I recon his job is pretty safe and there’s no treat of loosing it or someone else would take it away.
Surely the pay would have to be worth it.
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The $$$$$$$$$$ would have to be fantastic.