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Protecting your marriage from toxic in-laws
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In many instances, people think they are being helpful. They don't realize that dropping by unannounced or giving unsolicited marital or parenting advice is not appreciated. Get with your spouse and brainstorm things that your in-laws could do that would be helpful. Then sit down with your in-laws and talk about what you would appreciate them doing. Also discuss things that you would like them to stop.
How should one deal with difficult in-laws?
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Dealing with toxic in-laws not only shatters your mental peace and married life, but also your professional and social well-being as well
Terrible in laws never respect the boundaries that every relationship should have.they are intrusive, you will have no personal space they will get into everything and if you try to ignore its offensive because of their “ i know it all” tendencies.they will never support all they will do is criticize you to the extent that you loose your own mind
Never argue with toxic in-laws, it will end up deviated into something else and you will realise the real topic was manipulated and altered into something else
Just ignore them! Married for almost 2 years now! i have a very sour experience with them and i genuinely think they don’t like me
You don't deal with living beings . Just give them utmost care and love.
Avoidance is so much easier than confrontation. The easiest way to handle this is to stop inviting them to your home. Lock the doors, and tell them you’re too busy.
I think you should have a long talk with your partner. You two are a team. Your partner has to be willing to acknowledge the pain your in-laws cause you & how you feel .
It's important to stand up and be honest to anyone who is being intrusive, overbearing or rude to another person. But of course, we should do it in love and without being rude too.
Healthy boundaries are so important.
Ignore them. Let them talk. Talk alone does not hurt anything. Let it go in one ear and out on the other, without becoming upset and emotional about it
If your in-laws are draining you, consider re-drawing the lines you’ve set. You need to preserve your physical and emotional energy for those who deserve it, including your spouse.
The tone of your conversations may need to change if your in-laws don’t want to take the hint and continue to disrespect your wishes. In these cases, call them out on their behavior and how it makes you feel, explaining to them that there will be major consequences if they cross your “bottom” line, which you need to then make perfectly known
Who says that you have to go to your in-laws home if visits are a must? If you and your husband feel that you have to see them on occasion, then do so at a restaurant or another public space. This gives you more control over the situation, and can help to keep their behavior in check. Your in-laws aren’t able to call the shots as easily in public as they can when under their roof. You’re also less vulnerable in not being a guest in their home.
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