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Self-transcendence: Maslow's Apex of human needs
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Have you heard about this hidden human need in Maslow’s pyramid?

When Maslow first published his pyramid of human needs, it became a worldwide sensation and is now recognized as a model to understand human nature.

But what many people don’t know about Maslow’s pyramid is that shortly after its publication, Maslow realized that something was missing.

What he realized is that the top layer of the pyramid wasn’t necessarily self actualization.

To self-actualize means to truly discover yourself. We love self actualization — I bet you do too if you’re following Mindvalley.

It’s are all about understanding who we really are and improving our potential as human beings.

But as Maslow later discovered, there’s a layer above. And it’s what he would later call SELF TRANSCENDENCE.

To transcend means to go beyond who we are, to see the unity in all things and to discover how connected we are to each other.

Self-transcendence, according to Maslow, will become the apex of human needs.

It is our need to connect with something bigger than ourselves, a search for a sense of meaning.
What are your thoughts on the matter?
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I think the common one is the old picture from Abraham Maslow's era (early 20th century) for at least 2 decades the pyramid of needs has changed
Should it not be concentric circles? Changing the operating system effectively would make the question redundant.
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I appreciate the discovery of the sixth level.
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Maslow's hierarchical pyramid of needs means you go from one level to another. Formerly there were 5 steps. Happy to know about the sixth one.
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Very interesting and relevant to being one's true God-designed self.
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The highest level requires the subsequent fulfillment of respective stages by analyzing the socio-economic- psychological parameters...it must be rather an inverted pyramid style.
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I am so loving this!