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I grew up in a dysfunctional family surrounded by addicts and for many years, I was in denial of that. But as an adult, I came to the realization that ninety percent of my relationships were with addicts, which forced me to the depth of my soul to let go of layers of pain, and ultimately empower myself. I have dedicated my life to helping others transform from within by developing nourishing behaviors and patterns
Should You Stay Friends With an Ex? Experts say...
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anything can be possible in human relationships depending on the wants and abilities of the parties involved. I always want to stay connected to those I have loved. Butthis can prove to be quite complicated and complex, especially when you move on and start seeing other people...
Do you think it's wise to remain friends with an ex?
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NO. There is a reason why they're called"ex".
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Nope - but cordial to get along, especially if you have children with the person.
I agree, if there are kids you should try to remain friends. Better for the kids
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A flower of friendship will never ever grow from a dead love.
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I know I personally never could. If ever I loved someone (and this goes back over 60 years ago to my first love at 14!) somewhere in my heart I love them still. If I have a chance to connect with them I will. If he does the reaching out I respond or if something makes me think of him I may drop a “Hello, I’m thinking of you” line or an email.
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Depends on the people and relationship. If you're both mature grown-ups, why not?
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