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Don't be afraid to take risk. You only fail when you don't try.
I started my business 20 years ago with only $500 to my name. I worked hard , made some sacrifices and it's a good thing that everything paid off. My small garage business is now worth over $2 million and I employ over 250 employees. I strongly believe that your network is your net worth - which is why I always associate myself with people who will push me to greater heights. I also believe in paving the way for others and in mentorship opportunities, so I always look to hire hardworking and dedicated individuals.
Starbucks New Open Door Policy
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I suspect that Starbucks will continue to lose more customers if they don't put an end to this. There is nothing more annoying than wanting to grab a quick coffee or meet up with a friend for a quick lunch only to find that all the seats are constantly occupied.... and by people that aren't even purchasing anything from Starbucks, yet they are exhausting Starbucks' resources
What are your thoughts on Starbucks' new Open Door Policy?
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Maybe crazy but how about: keep the open door policy but auto-print WiFi password on receipts. Automatic password manager could even change it every 1-2 hours. That way, no confrontations, but no WiFi for abusers of policy. Surely there is sufficient tech for all kinds of creative solutions.
Try supporting a local business and find a seat, instead of supporting a chain that obviously has values that conflict with your own.
Maybe it's just me, but I would not just go sit in a business, use their facility, and not buy something. Guess I was raised differently...
This has been going on at Starbucks forever. Changing the wi-fi password with paid receipts is a good idea.
Once I was at this Japanese fast food chain and there was no seats. Saw this couple were happily chatting away when they had clearly finished their food a while ago. I politely approached the staff who happened to be passing by to check if they were going to order more food or drinks. She asked them and they got up and left.
Sorry but they're not very good.. The only reason they're successful is that there are never other strong coffee businesses around it. Overly priced, awful food choices, the coffee is not that good, the atmosphere is cold and robotic..
Serious First World Problems, if it's packed why did you go in, why did your spend money, quit feeding the beast and then complaining about it.
There are a gazillion other coffee cafes. Visit one.
I think this is a terrible policy. Businesses shouldn’t feel obligated to provide working/meeting/studying places for everyone. People who take advantage of this weren’t raised right.
Someone will always find something to complain about...
There’s never seats because Starbucks is a lounge for the public... not customers. Why bother?
Yup people don’t consider what happens when social pressure forces people to make illogical policy.
Starbucks is always crowded and always has been.
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