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The Price of Being Single
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People have to understand that being single is not a crime. No need to judge or discriminate single people for choosing that path.
What can you say about this?
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Enlightened by this article and realized how I have been guilty of discrimination without realizing my behavior as such. Greatly appreciate the enlightenment this article has brought as well as future discussions it will generate.
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I’ve been married and single in my adult life and experienced this discrimination. Very frustrating!
I’ve been married and single in my adult life and experienced this discrimination. Very frustrating!
Add on being a woman who hasn’t had kids and that takes it yet to another level.
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Very true. I experience this discrimination quite often.
This was a really great article. smiling face with smiling eyes
"Man I love being single, I have no regrets in my life! There is no man to take my hand, no woman I can call my wife.
And if some chump dumps me, that's not something to dwell on. I wouldn't wanna share the company of someone who wouldn't love to share mine as well -Gone are those dismal days, boys that got away used to keep me up at night.
I'm happy to wait
For a suitable mate
Who's gonna treat me right ;)
(... or, you know, not. Because I love being single and have no regrets.) musical note
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Sounds like me... me n’ my motorcycle... face with tears of joy
I think this is more on the price of happiness. Not necessarily relate.
"Two of my best friends are single and I am in awe of their bravery and their absolute refusal to compromise or adhere to social norms. They are funny, spontaneous and incredibly intelligent and endlessy interesting . People i know got married because that was what was expected of them. some of the marriages worked and some are downright miserable. And my single friends do get judged and asked ridiculous questions about their single state which to be fair they handle with diplomacy and tolerance. I'm the married one and I sometimes want to punch these people on their behalf. beaming face with smiling eyes
beaming face with smiling eyes
There are those (mostly men) who go straight from momma’s teat to their wife’s, simply because they aren’t mature enough to handle life alone. Marriage is just a club to join for the benefits, but it doesn’t guarantee happiness, despite the sales pitch.