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Date someone because you already see a future, not because you want to see if you would work out
With over 15 years of experience and a passion and dedication to matchmaking, I have established myself as the go-to authority for helping singles find their true love. In my career, I have helped over 1 000 clients and continue to help couples build stronger and sustainable relationships. The thing is, when you know what you're doing, love isn't hard! I think it's crazy that we grow up never being taught how to date or find love. It's one of the most important things in life and most people are just left to work it out without any support. Big, amazing, head over heels love is available to everyone but so many people don't believe it! That's why I decided to go and train as a coach. I want to help people find the love they deserve. I want them to wake up every day with a person that adores them!
The shocking cost of being single
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From council tax to gym membership and from rail travel to milk cartons: why are we penalized for not being in a couple???
What are some of the financial benefits of being in a relationship as opposed to being single?
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I live on my own and I have to pay the bond and all my bills by myself, I don't have anyone to split that with
I think it's cheaper being single. I can spend my money on whatever I want to spend my money on!
It's easier to stay in when you're part of a couple. When you're single you don't always want to stay in and be on your own, which means you go out more, which means more money.
There's absolutely a difference financially to being single. It's not that you pay half of the costs that you did when you were in a couple. It's quite a bit more than that - I would estimate it's 80-90% of the costs for a single person.
Our gym memberships are more expensive, our wills are more expensive, On holiday, we pay extra to sleep alone, fly alone and eat alone
Saving on rent !!!
Going Dutch on everything is really the biggest financial benefit of being in a relationship
Going Dutch on everything is really the biggest financial benefit of being in a relationship
Being in a relationship also helps to be able to balance each other out. For example, my husband had a car at the time we met, I didn't. But I had an apartment. So ultimately, combined, we had the basics
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If you’re moving in with your significant other, big items like rent and other recurring bills—such as internet and cable—can be shared, helping both of you save big each month. Even if you and your partner move into a new place together, the price can still be cheaper than an apartment you were living in alone.
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mentally, there is no peace to those girls, who are not married at the age of 30 in my society. People, family members, and relatives run behind us constantly. God give me a break pouting face
Dating may be expensive, but having a partner may actually save you money and make you more financially responsible along the way.
Marriage has a number of potential financial advantages over the single life. Depending on your income situation, you may be able to save money on a joint tax return at the end of the year, and family plans for health and car insurance often offer a discount when compared to the same coverage for single people.