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I love eating veggies but I cannot give up eating meat.
1 y
Do you like pasta with red sauce? Here are some unusual pasta ideas that I have tried and enjoyed.

I use whole grain pasta because it is way healthier, and I like it with plain tomato puree, but I am guessing most people want more than that.

My favorite pasta seasonings that I have tried so far are italian seasoning(obviously), cayenne pepper(for people who like spicy food, it is very good), and... 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter per pound of tomato puree/sauce(if you want it to be creamy like alfredo, the more the creamier).

I also like using my various pasta sauces with oats(the kind that you get in the big 42oz/1.20kg cylinders) or beans instead of or along with pasta.

Those are my staple foods!
1 y