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Pets leave paw prints in your heart
Thirteen years ago, I began fostering rescued animals. My fostering adventure started with cats and grew into dogs (my first “dog” foster was a mama dog with 7 pups!). Since then, I have fostered hundreds of dogs for area rescue groups. It brings me great joy to know that a small commitment of a few weeks of fostering saves a life. Throughout the years, I have been trusted to care for pets of friends and family. I truly enjoy caring for pets and getting to know them as individuals with unique personalities. I look forward to meeting your four-legged, furry family members and would be honored to be trusted with their care while you’re away.
Vet Custom Designs Wheelchairs for Disabled Pets
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The original objective was to provide a lightweight, adjustable device of simple design that would allow paraplegic animals to walk with minimal stress and maximal maneuverability. This objective has not changed in forty-five years.
What do you think of these wheelchairs for your disabled pets? Check out K9 Carts: https://go.nowth.is/2QV4577
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Reminds me of Richard selflessness with Smiles
What a blessing
My uncle Doug Diamond DVM, invented the wheeled apparatus for dogs at the Ontario Vetrinary College, Guelph Ontario in the late 1950s.
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I love the stories of kindness you share on your site. If we all could be kind what a wonderful world we could.
What a special man...God bless him.
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Thank you for your service for animals.
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What fantastic man his loyalty to animals is fantastic
Maybe Lincoln and Mango on a mission and her family can get together
Mango a disabled dog who is in a doggie wheelchair and her mum raise fundings to put animals with disabilities in to wheelchairs
It is so nice to see both of these people and dog helping so many
Those animals really move with those apparatus, and I am always complaining about my knee. I should be ashamed.
I’ve purchased a cart from this company and spoke to this man for about an hour on the phone.what a wonderful man and product
How wonderful of a man you are sir. Thank you so very much for caring so for these sweet fur babies. God bless you ❤️
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