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We become more resilient when we teach empathy and self-awareness, celebrate our accomplishments, and demonstrate self-efficacy
I am the Director of Resilience and Healing Initiatives with the Faith Only Reigns Network and have, over the years, gathered more than 10 000 people around tables for bridging and healing conversations. I hold a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies. I enjoy exploring the world and being introduced to peacemaking and relationships in different contexts, spreading revolutionary love, engaging in authentic conversations and participating in transformative experiences.
We shouldn't date someone of a different religion
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Dating is already complex, difficult, and messy, but dating someone of a different religion adds an entirely new set of challenges. Trying to combine two entirely different ways of understanding the world—especially when they stand in direct opposition—can feel like trying to mix oil and vinegar.
Do you believe dating someone of a different religion can prove to be problematic? Why or why not?
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It doesn't always have to be problematic. As long as both parties are willing to learn about their partner’s beliefs—and maybe even allow them to affect your own. A Christian can learn from an atheist. A Muslim can learn from a Buddhist. A Hindu can learn from a Jew. All faiths contain unique nuggets of profound wisdom.
While you should never compromise your beliefs to make someone else happy, allowing your beliefs to evolve because of your partner rather than for him or her can result in a better you, and a stronger bond with the one you love.
Is your religion or spirituality an important part of your life? What do you “get” out of being a spiritual person? Do you like going to church, mosque, synagogue, or the temple every week? Would you miss your connection with God or Allah if it were gone?

If you continue to date or even marry someone of a different religion, chances are you will be drawn away from your faith. I know interfaith marriages and relationships are possible and can even be good, but they won’t create a stronger bond between you and your Creator
I believe that if you hook up with someone who doesn’t have the same religious beliefs, then you will start to lose your connection with your faith.
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If your friends and family aren’t supportive of this relationship, then you need to give it more thought. Listen to their reasoning. Try not to get defensive or hurt; remember that they want the best for you.
My boyfriend, is Jewish. I am not. We couldn't have been raised more differently. Thankfully, those differences keep things interesting
Do you feel that it will keep things interesting though andiswa?
Never date or marry someone with the hope or expectation that he or she will change. If you’re dating someone with different religious beliefs, you can expect him or her to stay the same
The conversion conversation is always the most difficult - i really think eventually you need to find common ground especially if you're planning on starting a family
Bleh! Why has religion assumed so much importance that sometimes it influences our actions?
I just think the key is being respectful of your partner's chosen religion and vice versa
In the initial days of dating, focus on talking about different issues.
More than faith, it is the comfort and bonding you share with the other person that makes a relationship beautiful and smooth. Inter-racial relationships may have their own pros and cons, but if you two share a nice camaraderie in your dating phase, you never know you could find your perfect soulmate in that person!