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What does Heaven look like?
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Whether heaven is real or not is something people will challenge until the end of time. There is nothing I could say that could really convince you to believe one way or the other. We can read books and gather clues hidden in the Bible. But, to discover the truth behind heaven’s mysteries, we should listen to the people who claim to have actually planted their feet at heaven’s gate.
What is your expectation of Heaven?
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Heaven looks precisely the way you think it will look. What people consistently say from near death experiences, from visiting “home” while under deep hypnosis, or other avenues, is related to “how they are feeling.” They claim that there are feelings of unconditional love associated with that experience. So in essence, the way a rainbow appears different to every person who views it, the experience of “heaven” will be different to everyone who experiences it
I expect that being in the presence of God Almighty will be quite enough to fill eternity and make it a delight
I have seen the kingdom of heaven but not heaven itself… this sounds odd but, I assure you, it is accurate. Heaven will only exist to allow God to hide his glory from the cosmos until the appointed time.
So if god was real i will have what i needed when i was pore and it took him 8 yrs to do that so i think heaven is real but mot what we expect.. And i also think that our people in the exploration to the core of the earth are gonna kill everyone because the core of the earth is hell so when they break into the core there will be havoc everywhere!!!
The western religious ideas of a heaven would be an endless nightmare of millions of bible thumping, narrow minded, homophobic, religious zealots singing hallelujah all day in praise of an omnipotent alien entity that calls all the shots, and there is no escape from it, ever.
There are several books on the American market written by people who believe they have died, gone to Heaven for a brief period of time, and returned to life on earth.
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The primary feature is that God is there and He will be worshiped.
If you want to know what heaven looks like, read Rev 21 and 22. To escape the lake of fire and go to heaven you need to be a born again Christian.
There are thousands of people recounting their near death experiences on YouTube. Search for NDE or near death experience. I’ve watched possibly hundreds of them and have noticed that many mention someone who seems to be God or Jesus but not one I can remember mentions any other religious figure.
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To my knowledge, there is currently only one description of heaven that, while not provable, is both scientifically plausible and philosophically, i.e., logically, consistent. This is the heaven that is possible with the natural afterlife. This heaven is dream-based, timeless, everlasting, spiritual, personalized, and optimally blissful.
I think We should ask ourselves before imagine What does the heaven look like ? . Which way does lead to heaven ?
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