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I'm interested in meaningful discussion
What is a Sapiosexual & Could You Possibly Be One?
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Merriam Webster defines ‘Sapiosexual’ as just that: “sexually attracted to highly intelligent people.”
Are you a Sapiosexual?
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No! I don’t care about long meaningful talks. In fact, I am attracted to those who are able to reach a point without taking my whole day. Emotional intelligence is important though. Knowing when and when not to say something is crucial. Plus listening to non verbal.
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When I was young looks were important, but being able to communicate was even more important so to me this makes a lot of sense. My husband and I have been together for 30 years, but we were friends first and spent a lot of hours in some deep conversations before that 'spark' ignited.
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As for me personally, I’m not so concerned about intellect per se, but to have a true partner would mean that they would ideally be my equal, regardless of where I stack up against peers. Conversation is great. So are a lot of other things. Living with someone is tricky even in the best of situations, and if we can cohabitate, share some life-stuffs, laugh, talk, kiss, go places, do nothing… and still be friends at the end of the day. Hey! that’s a pretty rare thing.
I'm so sapiosexual that if a man whose intelligence is hidden under the layers of the earth hits on me, I will feel asexual.
I’m not sure if this needs to have it’s own name, but it still explains to me quite a few things I’ve experienced in the past. And I don’t think that people who aren’t ’sapiosexuals’ wouldn’t appreciate intellect. It just isn’t the number one attraction or turn on. I found this (or parts of it) useful.
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Why is this even a thing? Oh look at me I'm so woke and not shallow.
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Why is this even a thing? Oh look at me I'm so woke and not shallow.
Right? I came here to speak with people that actually have intelligence. Not the kind of group that prances around"I have standards" by inventing a new word for it, for the 4th time by now I think. Didn't we call this Demisexual? What's wrong with all of you people thinking you're smart and that everyone has to BELIEVE you're smart too.