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What's wrong with Anthem
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What do you think is wrong with the game?
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Unpopular opinion: anthem is a great game and all games have flaws.
Because EA is trash and treats its game developers and artists like indentured servants with unrealistic deadlines.
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I keep hearing all over the internet that the game sucks it’s horrible and a failure, but everyone I meet who’s playing it says their having a good time and will knock out missions, strongholds, and free play together.
Nothing... nothing is wrong with the game
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Wrong, almost everyone, with the exception of a few youtubers, loves it, the flying, running and visuals alone are worth the price of admission.
Mass Effect Andromeda. That's why Anthem failed.
I love this game. Im at grandmaster 1 level and its fun hard. Not everyone has to like it lol
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EA, Bethesda thanks you for taking the heat off of them
The demo pissed me off. Expecting/forcing random people into cooperating and working as a team is to much for a random open world encounter. Mob style fighting is lame also.
Gamers were never going to give it a fair chance. It didn't matter how good or bad it was, they made their minds up the second they heard 'EA'.
The only true problem with anthem is indeed EA.
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