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Why Arabs and Muslims Aren't Exotic
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This is so real. Most international and religious studies college classes teach this. Everyone saying it's not real has just accepted these stereotypical portrayals as the truth/norm.
What can you say about this?
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Again. Finding problems where there aren’t any.
Again. Finding problems where there aren’t any.
Cultural and religious appropriation??
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Cultural and religious appropriation??
Cultural appropriation is BS.
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Cultural and religious appropriation??
Of course it is when it's not your cultural or religion being imitated.
Err, of course religion can be appropriated. When one isn't a part of said faith, or isn't participating as a friend or guest. Sigh.
Again. Finding problems where there aren’t any.
I'm not a Muslim or Arab but this kind of stuff hits home with me because I'm black in America and I see the dangers of what is being talked about in this video, Mainstream media is one of the sole producers of false depictions of different cultures, I know all too well what American maids outlets can do when it come to creating stereotypes that's what the problems is. I have always noticed this when it came to Muslims and Arabs. I always found that their stereotypes are harmful to those who are nothing like what you're exposed to on TV. It's sad that people don't see how is problematic.
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Yes! That’s where I learned about the book “Orientalism!”
Agreed. Edward Said's work was a game changer in its day & still very much relevant today. Wish people would just challenge themselves and read a book worthwhile.
I thought it was just me who found Aladdin and various other mentioned things problematic! Thank God someone talked about this.