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If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die
Investment Director by profession, aspiring chef by passion. I’m also the lead manager on emerging market bond and currency, as well as hedge funding strategies. Initially, I started out as an acquisition of fixed income and foreign exchange specialist, which was when I started managing most of the funds I run to date. Prior to joining the corporate space, I was a lecturer but quickly realised that perhaps I don’t have the patience to deal with students on a daily basis. While I enjoyed the subject matter I was teaching, I found the lecturing somewhat confining and very restrictive. I hold an MSc in Economics in addition to being a CFA charterholder.
Why B Students Make the Best Leaders
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I believe as a parent to my kids that they must enjoy their school life and not be pressured by getting high grades. Their future successes not solely lies to how they did in school.
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A Grade students report to B Grade Managers in companies run by C Grade CEOs owned by the dropouts!
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A Grade students report to B Grade Managers in companies run by C Grade CEOs owned by the dropouts!
Led by college dropouts who dropped out from the likes of Stanford and Harvard (for which you need to be an A student). Opinions vs facts by people who want to feel good about not excelling in school. Of course it's very true that school systems are miserably flawed and leave many potentials behind.
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What a silly stereotype.
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Looks like Asian have to make way for Bsian. beaming face with smiling eyes
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I think the reasons are pretty clear. The expectations as developed from an A grade makes more of stiff thinking and less innovation. And also a B grade student has more likelihood of being noticed than A grade. Its also a part of human psychology.
I believe that anyone can be a leader regardless of their grades when they were a student.