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Why men find independent women intimidating
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I personally think that men grew up being taught that they were the provider and the"stronger" or more dominant gender - so naturally, they don't know how to deal with an Alpha female. It's a scary and unknown concept to them - both in relationships and in business. As much as the idea of dating someone that is independent and self-sufficient may be appealing, the reality of it is it can cause a few challenges because it makes men feel as though they are dating their equal... but we grew up being taught that women should be submissive which may be where the conflict arises
Do you believe men are intimidated by independent women?
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I personally like to date and stay with intelligent partner. It's matter of trust and love. When hard times comes intelligent partner stand together and resolve the issue and maybe other one end up in breakups. Either men or women they need to choose intelligent person for their life...
Women represent 47% of the US workforce, and 40% of working women occupy jobs in management or professional fields. This basically means that women are the boss. Women today are educated, and we have been given more opportunities to advance, take charge, lead, and take care of ourselves. Today, 82% of women move out of their parents’ homes by age 27. Women do not rely on the support of a man to get through life and men just don’t know how to handle this change
A woman who can take care of herself and fend for herself is undoubtedly a catch but the problem is when that woman doesn’t allow their partner to contribute or bring something to the table. A woman who can get herself through life doesn’t need the affirmation of a man to feel good about herself and to be quite honest, that can be a real-turn. I’m not necessarily intimidated by independent women, I just don’t like their “I don’t need anybody” attitude – it’s not conducive for a relationship
By 2025, more than half the primary breadwinners in America will be women. With that in mind, one might surmise that men have started to feel emasculated, put off by financially independent, strong women who make their own way because of the fear they’re losing value as men.
This is definitely a big issue in today’s culture. Women are more successful than ever, receiving higher levels of education, and the disparity between men and women in positions of power shrinks every year.
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Men are kind of scared of us. On first impression, successful women are really attractive, and men like the idea of ‘conquering’ us. But when it’s time to think about a long term relationship, everything changes though.
In my opinion, as long as there is something that the man can be proud of or be superior than the girl about, he won't be intimidated. Men just need to be able to take care of his partner to be okay with dating her.
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Most men have a need to control. What men can't control in a women maybe threating to him.
I read an article recently about a study that looked at different types of hierarchies in men and women, that explained why (some) men are intimidated by successful women. They said that men have more explicit hierarchies, hence why they're always competing with each other. Women have less explicit hierarchies, where they compete with each other when necessary, but mostly try to maintain social harmony within groups. The reason I said"some" men was because the study found that when a woman enters a male-dominated hierarchy, the men they supercede feel threatened and target them with gender-based attacks, but the men they don't are generally supportive.
In other words, the men who are threatened by successful, independent woman are only threatened because they know that the women are better than them.
In my opinion, as long as there is something that the man can be proud of or be superior than the girl about, he won't be intimidated. Men just need to be able to take care of his partner to be okay with dating her.
What you said is true but doesn't just apply to men. In general, human beings want to be able to be proud of themselves. Who would want to look useless and stupid in front of his or her partner?
It's not so much as being better than men. A women has alot more to fight for. Men has always been the dominant figures in society. But now women are starting to realize that success was not only given to men it was given to women as well.