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I attended Catholic Schools throughout my childhood, and my faith was further fostered by the wonderful culture at St. Mary's Catholic Student Center, where I was active in the Music ministry as a member of the Women's Chorus. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Humanities, majoring in Theology. My entire family is very active in the local Church and community and has served on the Pastoral Council, multiple ACTS Retreat teams, and as adult leaders for the Confirmation Retreat at the parish for the past 7 years. I joined the eCatholic team in 2015 to help launch, promote, and support eCatholic's new online donations and payments platform - eCatholic Payments.
Woman claims she is Mary Magdalene
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This woman claims that she is Mary Magdalene and her partner is Jesus Christ... Watch the full video here: https://web.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel/videos/2296329800600791/
What are your thoughts on this lady's claims?
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It's so funny, everyone is so quick to say she's a false prophet and she must be crazy and yet you still believe that Mary the virgin was visited by a magical man in the sky and given a baby... because that's not crazy at all
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Yeh right! If you're Mary Magdalene, what did Christ look like when you saw him? I'll wait.....
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Different shades of madness. We wake up everyday to strange surprises... I'm also the only Esther from the Bible
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Remember the devil is very subtle and only get to carry out his duties of destruction, stealing and killing through human beings who make themselves available. Being available means being greedy, selfish and a lack of conscience amongst other vices. If you love God and want to follow him, study your Bible and concentrate more on the new testament.
I wonder how much money they are actually making that makes them think it's good to stay and stick with it.
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Not unless she's my sister in law, she is Mary Magdalene.
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Beware of false prophets, these are the last days! JESUS IS COMING SOON!
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Remember people we are not to judge, only GOD can do that.