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Long before I was a therapist I started my journey towards becoming one. I think it was in my blood from an early age. As a teen, I always wondered how people’s thoughts worked and why they behaved in the ways that they did
I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice with over 16 years of experience providing support and assistance to clients. I view therapy as a safe place to explore relationships, whether those relationships are with people (family, co-workers, partner) or things (food, money, alcohol). I also feel an important part of therapy is addressing the social, economic, and cultural influences on a person and that the process of therapy should be a collaborative one.
Women Not Wanting Sex after Childbirth
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There's nothing to feel guilty about it. You just have to tell your spouse that you are not yet ready for it and surely he will understand that if he really loves you and cares for you.
Why women shouldn't feel guilty about not wanting sex after childbirth?
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My ex and I relationship was on the down fall before I had given birth. But after I gave birth he didn't care that I had stitches, was too sore to sit, or generally uncomfortable for weeks. His solution was"let's just do anal"... I'm so glad he's gone.
"Sex should be a small percentage of a partnership not a big part of what makes the relationship.
If you love her and truly love her and appreciate what she gave up to give birth to a new life then you will wait for her to be ready to take the risk of giving up her body again. Because that is what goes through some if not all women's head right before they have sex again. Am I going to fall pregnant again and give it all up again before I'm ready.
Men need to be patient, understanding, and gentle. We have had a major shock to our bodies, and sometimes it reverts back to original"virginal" form! It can be terribly painful, and even messy! Be careful with hands, especially if she had a c-section, or is still breastfeeding! And maybe take a pain reliever before, and a shower after?
My God, reading the comments on here makes me so grateful for my husband. In the video “drs saying waiting at least 3-4 weeks...”. Only 3-4 weeks! I’m 11 weeks pp and only just feeling human again!
Reading the comments on here make me so grateful to have my husband.
3 years ago I needed time to heal! My husband had an insatiable appetite! But after discussing it he understood! I was still sitting on pillows and using sitz baths to soothe me down there! He respected me! Every woman is different! Some have to ease back into) like me in my youth at 23 first time mom. face with tears of joyface with tears of joy
I was more nervous about having sex after I had my baby than I was at 17 losing my virginity! Please don’t get me pregnant, please don’t get me pregnant!
I for sure could understand. The feeling of not wanting to experience that again. But I am sure every one is different. My ex seem to need more than I could provide her. Childbirth did not slow her down. She had I think 6 more after my 2. I don't know what her drive stem from. But I for sure could understand a waiting period. It should be passion between two people. Then the desire for a family. I suppose after the first child. The desire is pushed away for a while. Maybe there is resentment towards the man? Sure could be a lot of emotions connected with the idea of pregnancy and sex again. Maybe the man is to rough in sex. Maybe his drive is only in caring for his own pleasure. Don't care about his woman? Then pleasure for the woman is negative. I often bend towards the idea of compatibility? Do you have enough human connection with your partner? I feel it is so important finding the right fit in life. Each partner should have extreme desire for pleasing each other. Meeting each other's needs.
I thought my hubs was sexy after having our child, I waited a whole 4 days.
That was the best I could do.
I thought my hubs was sexy after having our child, I waited a whole 4 days.
That was the best I could do.
 Bottom line is that all of us are different. It is not abnormal either to not want to have sex after giving birth and it is not abnormal for feeling sexually aroused and want to have sex after giving birth. None of us has the right to judge any of us for sex or how another woman gave birth. Sending you many blessings!  I still think that you are absolutely beautiful.
I thought my hubs was sexy after having our child, I waited a whole 4 days.
That was the best I could do.
I’ve had a C-Section and the thought of having sex again after just four days made my stomach turn... OUCH!!!!!!!! I think I’ve waited 12 weeks.rolling on the floor laughingrolling on the floor laughingrolling on the floor laughing