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My interest in the human psyche led me to becoming a clinical psychologist
I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology and subsequently pursued graduate training in counseling psychology. Thereafter, I completed a doctorate in clinical psychology, which is my area of expertise. My clinical interests have included work with children, teens, adults, diagnostic assessment and addictions. Over the years, I have adopted a broad range of cognitive behavioral and insight oriented techniques in the psychotherapy and counseling process. In addition to the above, I have lectured and presented training seminars and workshops nationally and internationally. Some of my research and publication interests have included addictions, psychometrics, clinical training and supervision, and the integration of spiritual values in psychotherapy and supervision.
Would you throw a divorce party?
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In an age when we look for an excuse to celebrate anything, a divorce party is as on-trend as choreographed dance engagement videos and baby-gender reveal parties. Event planners now advertise the service in every major city, and if there isn't one in your area, there are handy guides to help you throw your own!
With the steady rise in the divorce rates, what are your thoughts on divorce parties? Would you host one?
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This is actually an insane activity, rather we should get mourn on broken relationship we are celebrating it
Been there, done that. I had my best girl pals around for an afternoon tea and had a fairy sparkle party complete with fairy skirt, wings, crowns and wands. It was a lovely afternoon spent with the woman who helped me get through a difficult time.
My sister celebrated her divorce by going out with a couple of her girlfriends
Divorce parties are at an all-time high and people are spending a wholesome amount to mark the end of their marriage. From Mexican cruises to golf-themed extravaganzas - this is how people are getting over their splits
I had a divorce party when my first husband and I divorced. It was great.
No-one thinks twice about celebrating the start of a marriage, why not also celebrate the end?
Free at last and in charge of your own life! That’s the key takeaway from the whole murky episode called divorce. A life free of mind games, melodrama, and spite. Reason enough for celebration!
I wouldn’t go all out and spend huge amounts of money, or even invite every body I know but, it’s nice to be able to commemorate the end of one chapter and the start of a new one.
No ways, it might cost a lot of money.
This is actually an insane activity, rather we should get mourn on broken relationship we are celebrating it.
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I think that divorce itself is not a recommended alternative for couples, let alone holding a party for it. Some couples, after a period of mutual life, feel that they do not like to continue their mutual life, so let them leave each other on the basis of peace and calmness instead of fighting and insult. But there is no need for a party. Thus, I think it is all disadvantage and there is no advantage in it.
There is nothing to celebrate about the end of a marriage. If there are children involved it is heartbreaking for them no matter what the circumstances. The idea of a party never crossed my mind but I know it’s popular.
Yuup! I think it's a therapeutic and fun way to recover