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Yemen the worst ongoing humanitarian crisis

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The fight in Yemen has escalated drastically over the past week, exacerbating a dire humanitarian crisis that t could spiral into famine.Yemen’s crisis, already grave for several years, has recently deteriorated so rapidly that close to 14 million people, or half the population, could soon be on the brink of starvation.
The world’s worst ongoing humanitarian crisis is likely to get even worse before it gets better,Over five million children are now facing starvation in Yemen as the ongoing conflict causes food and fuel prices to soar across the war-torn country.
A new report says that a collapsing economy and disruption to food and fuel supplies coming through the Arab nation’s main Hodeidah port could have devastating consequences for the most vulnerable,any type of closure at the port “risks killing an entire generation
Severely malnourished children are 12 times more likely to die from preventable diseases like pneumonia, measles, cholera or diphtheria. Children who are stunted suffer physical and often irreversible long-term cognitive damage.
Famine and water shortages are endemic throughout Yemen.There's internally displaced people along the roads,Hospitals — most of which are now non-functioning — are packed with people who are desperate — wounded people from the war, especially large numbers of women with babies who are suffering from malnutrition.
Donors should make a new global commitment to support children’s mental health & wellbeing in emergencies including sufficient funding for mental health & psychosocial programming inside yemen
To end the yemen conflicts,sectarian conflict should be immediately resolved,if possible,states must organize awareness camps in Yemen territory educating the general public about benefits of unity & the consequences they have to face due to the conflict d.#EndYemenConflicts #TalkPeace #PeaceforSustainableDevelopment #EndWar #StandwiththePeopleofYemen
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With this case organisations such as the UN (United Nations) and the World Food Programme would have come in to save the those people.
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